Depression I always had a problem with as a lot of my and my wife’s family have suffered from it. I’ve have days when I’m down, mainly due to frustration or being put on by other people, but I’ve never suffered from it really myself, even though I’ve had more than enough reason to. It might be that because I’ve never suffered from it I have a problem understanding it.

Various people I’ve known have slept most of the day, but badly, have nightmares, and spent a lot of the day just staring into space and not moving. Every answer is dull and tinged with darkness, sadness or despair.

But, I’ve noticed that even a relative small change in what is in front of them can perform at least for a while a miraculous respite, so it can’t just be chemical or physiological in cause, but more just one of aspect and outlook. A sort of dogged determination to continue in the same vein. Drugs seem to be able to take the edge off it, but the unwillingness to change seems to be the main obstacle. It really comes down to belief I suppose, with a person believing with all their heart they are ill and something else has to change before they will get better. So they are, they stay, and they wait.

I’ve nearly always found myself at the bottom of the heap, but maybe I’m just deluding myself and had a sort of charmed life. My prescription is ‘don’t judge yourself too harshly, you are who you are and causality makes a king out of a peasant, and a peasant out of a king.’ Each one of us is unique in the universe and equally vital to the scheme of things. One thing I’ve noticed that seems to apply to every person who has turned out evil is the futility that fills their own mind, Things, animals and people don’t matter or are not important, just something to be used. But one fly can bring down an empire.

A few quotes, take them or leave them:

‘Don’t even think about what you haven’t got or haven’t achieved, think about what you have got and what you have achieved,’

‘Start today, even if it’s a small step, not tomorrow.’

‘Everybody is usually trying to survive as best as they can, so live and let live, letting people get away with things some of the time and a fair share, as everybody isn’t doing better than your are, and many a lot worse, so don’t hog.’

‘Other people have got what other people have, but try to share yourself, set an example they may follow, giving but not counting’

‘never want to do harm to anything, ’

‘try and do the best you can in anything you do. Adequate is for other people.’

‘If you fail, pick yourself up and try another way, but give it your best try and keeping trying no matter what.’  

‘only you can bring yourself out of a rut, no amount of help will. And if it does, then all you have provided yourself is with a permanent crutch, so you’ll need it even when you think you’re healed.’

‘You made your choices, made your mistakes, they’re past, only remember them to try not to make the same mistake again, so don’t dwell and follow a dog’s example and live for the moment, live for the next 15 minutes, then the next, then the next and so on.’

We aren’t here for that long, but most things are like muscles, Self worth, Knowledge, Compassion, Charity, Physical, Mental, Moral, and Social strength. So try and exercise all of them equally and in good measure, not neglecting one for another.