Today I though I would have a day of negative sanity for a change. Reality isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, and a mental holiday is something that can keep you sane. Life’s 2 short it’s said, so I thought I would add a virtual 2 (me = life + 2) and see if the equation works out. Therefore question should be how to add 2 to life. 2 is an abstract number, so what version of 2 needed to be added? It’s not good adding 2 penguins if 2 aardvarks are required, so 2 what, not meaning 2 watts, we need to define. What’s his name is not a good question if Watt’s his name.

The Science of Food


Many people have found that pot o’s can be used in multiples of 8 in the production of DIN r. There are various transforms that can be applied, one particular solution to the problem resulting in a suitable RGB level of 96, 96, 86 in fission chips.

It’s known that Wawt r = H2O

Simultaneous equations of

ρ  st din r = pot 8o + wawt r + + + np’s + grey v


Multiple of Pot 8o FRi = pot 8o n oil  (the multiple ranging usually between 10 and 30) giving an average of:

Fission Chips = 20 x Pot 8o FRi + (cod n oil)

Oil required = cod n FRiz

Although substituting  pot 8o + oil  for  Pot 8o FRi does not necessarily require 2 x oil, but quite often is only equal to oil, the resultant oil degrading by a value equivalent to the final result, and becoming part of that final result.

Mexican Food

A multiple of tac (o)s are constructed using tom@(o)s, celer (e),  chill (e), and a ground meat effect.

This is when n chiladas release their energy into the body and become xn chiladas, the variation between n and xn being dependent on how many are converted by u.

In cases where n chiladas are not repelled by 0.5us:

us =  n chiladas – x chiladas

But in cases where n chiladas are repelled by 0.5us a second derivative may occur:

us = n chiladas – x chiladas + fission Chips – x fission chips

Hopefully us tends to 0 but in some cases where the visual effects exceed the capacity:

us = n chiladas – x chiladas + fission Chips – x fission chips + bin


us = n chiladas – x chiladas + fission Chips – x fission chips + k9

In most cases the equations are followed by t or cof (e)


us n chiladas – x chiladas + fission Chips – x fission chips + bin + cof(e)


us n chiladas – x chiladas + fission Chips – x fission chips + bin + t

k9 is a variable and sometimes manages to alter the value of the equation, and in severe cases  where t or cof(e) is below certain values, t or cof(e) becomes equal to k9, but that is quite often concealed by u or us.

If k9 absorption is too high k9 can often return the full value and this quite often provides a positive value for an argument. What K9 throws up in terms of quantity will definitely cause an argument between U and US, especially if you need to clear up the result. If not attended to K9 can act as a catalyst and split US into the separate components.

With a bit of 4 thought you realise that most of life is really sil(e:)


And to take things 2 sirius l(e) .not.

In reverse polish notation: ainezcyż ezspeljan

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