Prostate Cancer is a major problem as far as the mortality of the male population and levels of detected bowel cancer are increasing. Some of those are also linked to the bacteria that seems to cause ulcers. Routine detection has always been a problem for a lot of urinary and digestive tract diseases, but the relative ease in which UV light systems are available, it would possibly be a good and inexpensive method for early detection of problems, especially if a lot of safe and common compounds are available to add to say a toilet cleaner or freshener. As freshly flushed toilet water is relatively uncontaminated to start with, adding a test liquid may give pointers to various conditions.

There is a lot of social phobia or taboo about urine and especially stool samples, but this article is a suggestion how that may be overcome, with a more socially acceptable form of self-testing.

The chemicals would possibly be phosphorus-linked compounds.

For women urinary tract infections or thrush is quite common. For men UV light may be able to trace blood or other things like PSA levels. It wouldn’t be a reliable test, but may give a suggestion of risk. Other suspected conditions could be checked especially if there is a reaction with sugars, etc. The false reading numbers would not be a reason to dismiss it offhand, as the true positives would probably save hundreds the number.

A magic eye type effect can be situated over a toilet and switched on as required, in the same way that forensic blood detection works. If you have ever used UV light when you are urinating, or have used one for detecting if you dog or cat is marking territory you may be familiar with this, or am I just odd? It suggested at the time that it was the phosphorus in my urine that was having the luminescent effect, remembering the old cathode ray tubes of the past where an electron beam illuminated the phosphor coating to produce an image.

Adding suitable compounds to the bowl before or constantly could give indications that there is something wrong. A new invention, a UV bowl light. Not only looks for problems, but you don’t need nude bathing to get an all over tan.

In a similar way that 3-Aminophthalhydrazide is used in forensic science to detect traces of blood in crime scenes, you could develop a buffered version that could be added to the pan prior to defecation that reacts with faeces at higher levels of blood than normal. This blood would not normally be processed by the intestines into bilirubin and would phosphoresce at a higher level than normal. A glow would suggest that you might want to get it checked.

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