Quantum entanglement may just be due to the principle of checks and balances that the universe seems to work on. Newton’s Law that ‘for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’, still seems to apply in most cases. Even in the general model of physics that people seem to think is correct you have this duality of effect in supersymmetry, where all particles are in fact a couplet where there is effectively a positive particle and a contrary or negative particle. If this is the case, then we should also think of time being such a couplet. A minimum period or moment of time also having a contrary period or moment of time. The effect of quantum entanglement being the effect of such a minimal time moment, splitting the coherent simultaneous actions of two particles into one with a moment and the other with a linked contrary moment.

If we could manufacture enough of these separated particles into a construct or machine then an effect on one machine would translate into a contrary effect on the other, irrespective of distance. Heat being simply a level of vibration of the atoms, it may be possible to have two identical constructs, applying heat, say in space directly from a solar collector beamed into a cavity, which due to the attachments on the other machine receiving the heat and forming the basis for a simple rocket type engine or space collector and particle accelerator, propelling the attached craft through space with no latent large storage of power needed. Such quantum-linked material would not even need to have the same construction characteristics, but be powered by the originating sun.

I’m still not sold on quantum entanglement, thinking it will be a characteristic of time entanglement where something produced exactly at the same time has linked outcomes. That said, the principle is really a good basis for what you could call quantum motors and generators for nanoparticles. The driving force being remote. Also, rather than using beamed energy from space, you could use it directly to drive a generator down on earth without a physical link, or reversed and use it to power a space vehicle that uses heat vaporised material as propulsion. A remote ion rocket?

The whole thing would depend on generating enough entangled particles to say produce reasonable size magnets where the result of the entanglement is polarity. Or generating two entangled masses which use something like heat, light or magnetic fields to change their characteristics. If this was done fast enough and in the right sequence you could either power a magnetically charged device like another magnet or at particle level to generate motion directly or heat energy from vibration.

If there was a flow of particles through a tubular set up under pressure then you could expel them at great velocity producing thrust. You would probably need some form of space ram scoop to collect the material for expulsion, either from the immediate surrounding area or from skimming the outer atmospheres of a planet.

There are a number of ways that can be accomplished.

  1. You’d set up your quantum generator on something like the illumination boundary of Mercury to power something like rockets elsewhere or generators or motors on earth.
  2. The same, but in earth orbit or on the moon.

One quantum motor/generator could in theory power every other quantum motor/generator. Why does only one pair need to be linked. You could link any number of devices.

Quantum motors super oscillating to propel matter or motion with no link or directivity needed like in beamed power. Will need to check if intervening matter in between is even affected.

It all really depends on being able to produce a lot of entangled particle. This could then be remanufactured and shaped into the necessary form. You might have simple forms controlling much more complex ones. Taken to the extreme, you might even be able to program a system from building blocks in sort of quantum lego construction.

Very useful if you want self healing systems that can be re-programmed at a distance if damaged or destroyed. You might even be able to create fluid metal systems that can transform into any shape at will.

It’s still at particle level, but does it affect magnetic fields en masse. If it does, then the uses are immense with all kinds of applications at atomic levels. You could create true nanobots, powered not independently, but using household or commercial generators with no connections and at any distance, with instant switching.

Measuring devices which would be able to calculate time instants, or make it possible to investigate the granularity of time. Devices such as watches that could synchronise with caesium ion clocks worldwide. Devices that could measure time differences and fields by passing through them.

Besides security there is also the opportunity for an entanglement communication system that would allow instantaneous communications at virtually any distance using binary encoded transmission. On off bits are used extensively in digital communications. Imagine being able to control a robot directly and get sensations back to a virtual reality system. You could wear a bio control suit and explore virtually any asteroid, comet, planet or moon with no risk. A person who is disabled could have control of such a device on earth and not leave their position, just controlling and sensing using whatever impressionable senses instead of the common ones for that purpose. It would need a change in perception by the brain, but it is fairly fluid in that respect and you could train yourself to hear colours or view sounds.

Entanglement pacemakers and artificial hearts with the generator at home or general solar generators out in space. This could apply to any kind of artificial medical device that performs a similar function to a natural one in the human body.

Space craft scooping up space dust and accelerating it out of entanglement engines at near light speed producing propulsion from the home star.

We are at a certain state of development in technology. The chances of other civilisations being at that stage, even given the fantastically optimistic figures for the likelihood of intelligent life, means that there still be a very limited number we could find. For other civilisations, looking for telltale signs of what would be  scientifically the equivalent of tom-tom drums, would mean we’re not likely to find much. An advanced civilisation would need and want to be efficient, not one that would heat the whole castle to make their living room comfortable. If you want to get closer to being able to find extraterrestrial life, you need to look at the extreme rarities that aren’t being used, such as entanglement, neutrino and possibly string interception and decoding. If panspermia, whether accidental, directed, or random scattering as a fun hobby, or last ditch attempt for survival of some form of species, actually happened in the far past, you probably have more chance of an underlying hidden message in DNA, than the likelihood of radio contact. To get an answer, you first have to ask the right question, then be able to understand what the answer means.

Entanglement seems to be a property of coherent time. You have a particle that is generated at the same moment in time, so has the same outcome. The problem is that two identical particles cannot exist in the same universe at the same time, so the principle of individuality ensure that the particles will have opposing characteristics. What would be the effect of a third particle? Would it assume the characteristics of having moved to another brane? Or does gravity exist outside of causality?

But in the quantum world the figures seem to balance. Nobody knows why, but entanglement seems to thumb its nose at distance, so all these light years may not actually mean anything for eventual effect. It will probably come down to simultaneous time packets or absent time in the end with events being 1+1+1+1 rather than 4. Things out of time probably have no position in space or time apart from where they currently are, so although a simultaneous event can allow for connectivity, the absolute singleness of an event will only allow for one particular state at a time.

One of the most unusual effects could come once you coat a craft with entangled particles that have a strong magnetic dipole. By using a powerful magnetic field on the oppositely entangled components in a small mass construction you may be able to mimic a sort of anti gravity barrier for the other large mass construction that is contained within removing it from normal effects.

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