The Eradication of Covid-19

There has been a lot of talk about eradicating Covid-19 in the news using a 17 option or key variable scoring system to judge what will be required. The problem is that a lot of the research and modelling is performed on what are limited scope viruses, smallpox and Polio. Smallpox was eradicated due to […]

NASA Robot Losing a Rock Sample

A curious thing happened on the way to collecting rock samples, Perseverance drilled out a rock sample and it disappeared. You might be thinking of aliens stealing the stuff, or as NASA thinks, the rock had a chemical reaction in a way that made it disappear. It was a hard solid core that needed a […]

What is Earth’s Likely Construction?

This is tricky, as there are various views on the subject, but have settled down to a consensus. The traditional layered view may not be accurate though as when you get down close to the earth’s centre a lot of the force is not just downwards, but outwards too. At the very centre of the […]

Communication with Another Civilisation

Are we alone; nobody knows. We are not aware of if we are unique in exactly the right circumstances occurring at exactly the right time. If the occurrences are commonplace, then numbers will be large, but so far, it’s been found that the earth seems to be of a rare type. A goldilocks planet, stable […]

Covid-19, the Perfect Storm Virus

In a previous article I referred to Covid-19 as the ‘Perfect Storm Virus.’ This was because the progression rate and mortality were not enough to elicit a major concern among the heath authorities of each country, but it was enough for it to kill a lot of people and spread fast around the world before […]

The Advantages of Using Lemonade in Fusion

Fusion is a problem. The world probably has spent in the region of about a trillion dollars on trying to get it to work, so if anybody can do it, it already has a trillion-dollar deficit to make up in generated power. It will be clean unlimited power except for the all resources to do […]

Coronavirus Risks 9 (SARS-CoV-2)

I’ve been following the virus for 87 weeks now now. Originally I thoughtthat it would be very limited, but that changed about 85 weeks ago, when the numbers began to rise and we found out more about it. A rough estimate is that the outbreak started out around october 2019 in the vicinity of Wuhan, […]

Artificial Sweeteners – Saccharin, Aspartame, Sucralose

We hear a lot these days about how artificial sweeteners have detrimental effects on the body, but in most cases, they are taken at value rather than in a comparison to what they replace. It’s been found that similar taste receptors or their analogy have been found in other parts of the body, namely the […]

The Problem of Climate Change

I have a bit of a problem myself. I came to the conclusion early on that my brain is wired differently to most people I meet and know. It puts me at odds with the mainstream, and probably is the reason I could be seen as less successful than my contemporaries. Is this good, bad, […]

Covid-19, where did it begin?

I been asked a few times where I think everything started with Covid-19. The main favourite for this is Bats, probably Horseshoe or Pipistrelle. Viruses very similar to SARS, MERS and Covid-19 have been found in bats, and only a few in other types of creatures, at least not closely related ones. With MERS, very […]

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