The Dart Mission and Deflecting Asteroids

The recent Dart mission to send a craft to impact the Didymus B asteroid to deflect it seems to be a success, but the true results before the effects of doing this are known. Before the congratulations and hailing the success of the mission guaranteeing the people of earth a safe passage, we may need […]

Are Western Governments Ideas About Electric Cars a Pipedream?

Electric cars have a lot of advantages. Overall, they are more efficient at providing power and because electricity generation can be done on a large scale using power stations of various types they will be cleaner overall.  The problem comes with how to provide that mobile power on the road. This is done mainly with […]

How Theory Led Results Differ from Result Led Theory

Recently in science, especially big, monetary return-based, or status-based science we seem to have had a change in the way that the ‘scientific method’ operates. In the past, because there was a lesser level of knowledge, theory always followed the facts. There were many experiments to see what was going on, and then, when the […]

Expiration Rates of Creatures

Below is a rough estimation of the expiration rates, carbon content, weight and yearly production of CO2 by various creatures on earth: Estimated Expiration of Creatures Approximate %weight Total Weight Respiration C02 CO2 per day CO2 per year Notes Carbon Tonnes Tonnes per day Kg Fungi 12,000,000,000 0.25 3,000,000,000 0 0 0 Unknown Bacteria 70,000,000,000 […]

The Elements of Pollution

We currently in the world are in throws of an idea that the only thing that really is pollution is CO2 and that what we are doing is correct for reducing this so that the world does not heat up and become unliveable. But there are other things that constitute pollution, there is still a […]

Coronavirus Risks 13 (SARS-CoV-2)

I’ve been following the virus for 172 weeks now. Originally, I thought that it would be very limited, but that changed about 170 weeks ago, when the numbers began to rise and we found out more about it. I still have the opinion I had right at the start in January 2020 that it was […]

Meat or Non-Meat Diets?

Meat is very nutrient dense food. The change in overall median incomes allow for red meat, which is still a luxury, to be consumed more. In low median income countries, they get their nutrition mainly from a cereal diet quite often supplemented with chicken, that is less nutrient dense, so evolution tailors them for being […]

Persuasion in Science and Assumptions of Knowledge

From birth we are conditioned to think as particular way. Our parents and the society we live in affects the very way we think about any subject. It’s said that science is just based on facts, but this is not true, every deduction tailored by what we were taught to be true in a complicated […]

Moving Object in Field – James Webb Space Telescope JWST

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has now gone active and is now sending back useful information. NASA released a side by side photo of what can be seen by the Hubble Telescope and the JWST, so as an exercise I thoought I would superimpose one on the other to see what extra image information can […]

Covid-19 Chart of Effects

I’ve done a chart of observed symptoms of Covid-19 that seem to occur and their statistical likelihood of effects based on how the infection is handled by their persons immune system. Covid-19 uses the ACE2 enzyme in the body that can be found in many cells that surround a lot of the major organs of […]

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