Coronavirus Risks 12 (SARS-CoV-2)

I’ve been following the virus for 137 weeks now. Originally, I thought that it would be very limited, but that changed about 135 weeks ago, when the numbers began to rise and we found out more about it. I still have the opinion I had right at the start in January 2020 that it was […]


‘Somaphore’; receiving officially approved news and information of the world that is calculated to promote an ideology and edited to produce no offence. ‘The bland leading the bland.’

East and West Ukraine

Eastern Ukraine been boiling over with semi civil war since 2014, when about that time Russia took over the Crimea, Russia simply trying to take over the Ukraine by indirect means and supplying the separatists with Russian arms and equipment and deliberately fomenting conflict there. The Crimea was Russia’s last successful invasion, having done the […]

Software and the State of the World

We have seen a number of cyber-attacks and hacks on Russia recently because of the Ukraine business. Groups around the world that were synonymous with anarchy and damaging society have suddenly received respect in the public. ‘Your enemy is my enemy’ thinking. But there is a mixed set of overlapping people, some on either side […]

Virus, Vaccines and Booster Progression

Nobody really knows how variants of viruses and vaccines work, most having a rough idea at best. For the effectiveness of vaccines, we need to look at what the cover and what they provide. The idea that one vaccine is 97% effective and another is only 90% effective doesn’t take into account how things change […]

Unusual Events

01/07/2022 – Unusually high number of octopuses being caught off Cornwall. Previous high numbers in 1948 and 1899 before that. 12/05/2022 – Unusually high Proton emissions today. Both my mifi and freesat went down about the same time today. They are not connected, but separate systems, working on different principles, the mifi running on rechargeable […]

The Ant and Weight

We are often told that an ant can lift 50 times its own weight and stand pressures on its body of 5,000 their own weight. The top human lift is around 3 times their weight if in good condition and trained and can stand pressures maybe 50 times. The average ant weighs around 0.005 grams […]

Volume in Spacetime of a Permanent Minimal Area Construct or Particle

2/3 * pi * r^4

A rough Guide to Pre-Covid, Post-Covid, but Pre-Vaccines and Post Vaccines

A rough Guide to Covid Conditions at the moment. The better figures post vaccine may be due to people being more concerned for their health and taking better care and also doing less dangerous things. UK Mortality Figures for Year Chances of Dying in a Year Deaths by age group Population Pre-Covid Post Covid Post […]

Why Do the Lungs Take in Covid?

With viruses it tends to chemically just be down to ion exchanges to deliver its package. They tend to be coated with something that conceals what it is and mimics what the body is looking for. Most seem to be coated with glycans, sugary carbohydrates that the body loves and indicates something that it should […]

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