The Four Dimensions of Time

Recently I’ve been thinking about matter in general and come to the conclusion that we should be talking about time-space rather than space-time. We currently think of space and the movement of it in terms of 3 dimensions and a 4th separate dimension called time. Somehow, we also acquire with mass the weird attribute known […]

Problems with Website

The website will be of limited functionality for a while. I tried updating to the latest version of wordpress and the system got really mucked up. I’m away from my main house at the moment and hope to restore it from a recent backup. Found out that it will only restore backups less than 8MB […]

Astrazeneca, Johnson & Johnson and Rare Thrombocytopenia Blood Clots

The Oxford / Astrazeneca vaccine has been in the news quite often with many countries investigating rare blood clots that have been happening, that the doctors have called thrombotic thrombocytopenia from vaccinations with ChAdOx1 nCov-19. Johnson & Johnson vaccine has also had a few cases reported of unusual blot clots, similar to the Oxford/Astrazeneca vaccine, […]

Covid Status 03/04/2021

In a number of countries around the world we are seeing large scale roll-outs of vaccines. Israel is well on the way to complete inoculation with countries such as the UK 50% into their current program, the US 25%, and the EU about 15% into their programs. But we still have the various countries in […]

Dimming the Sun

There was a recent article in the Science & Technology section of the Daily Mail that said there was a plan to spray millions of tonnes of chalk into the upper atmosphere and a feasibility project was going to find out the effects of distributing 2Kg of chalk at a height of 12 miles above […]

Coronavirus Risks 7 (SARS-CoV-2)

I’ve been following the virus for 69 weeks now now. Originally I thought that it would be very limited, but that changed about 68 weeks ago, when the numbers began to rise and we found out more about it. The infected seem to consist of a lot that are in recovery, official active cases currently […]

Concerns with Covid-19

When there is an infection, such as Covid-19 the body’s defences repel the invader unless there is a saturation level to which it cannot overcome. This may vary according to things like proximity; where droplet sizes carry different amounts from an infected person lessening over distance, time in that proximity; the longer the period the […]

The Occurrence of Ball Plasma

Ball plasma is a rarely observed form of energy caused by a combination of solar wind, earth’s magnetic field and tectonic events. It is a form of a charged balanced vortex of particles that can have a lengthy duration. The main characteristics are one of ‘mirroring’, ‘attraction and repulsion’, and discharge. Light hitting the ‘ball’ […]

Covid Data File 18/02/2021

I’ve finally got the world data file into some form of order. I had to go back to original news articles and data for a lot of these figures, especially for the very early cases that didn’t seem to tally with a lot of later ones. This is a first version as I plan to […]

Covid Status 28/01/2021

We are sitting on 102 million known infections and 5 main variants of Covid-19 that have occurred within a 65 week time period, probably with about 35% of the cases unknown. So a guess would be about 2% of the world’s population has been infected, resulting in 2 million deaths. From the large-scale real life […]

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