Cows & CO2

If you compare methane and CO2 output of cattle compared to humans you find that they produce an effect that is about 80 times ours. Our population breathes out about a million tonnes of CO2 per year, cows about 10 million tonnes CO2 effect equivalent. It’s the equivalent of about the same as 1/10th of the output of cars in the UK, but about 1/1000th of the other noxious chemicals that cars produce. When you compare it to the average jet that outputs about 1.5 million tonnes of CO2 each during a year, all the cattle in the UK work out to about 7 of them, and 1,400 a day take off from Heathrow each day. True this counts jets a number a couple of times, but it probably relates to at least 800 individual ones from just one airport. Beef farming is less efficient at producing protein than grain and rice, producing about 1/3rd in comparison, but it is nutritionally dense needing about 7 times the amount of vegetable matter, so in this country’s variable weather it’s swings and roundabouts. Crop loss due to this is a major problem. Beef is about 35% protein compared to rice at about 5%. The effect of banning beef is therefore pretty ineffectual and trivial to virtually every other area of modern life, so it’s likely that the vegans or vegetarians are just using it as an excuse to enforce their ideas on others without the global warming excuse, finding ready support in various companies, councils and government staff to do likewise. Extremism isn’t just limited to warmongers, religions, extreme right or left wing, it has always found a home in the UK’s firms, colleges and universities, and anywhere else where blanket restrictions are imposed. Also there is such thing as moderate or liberal extremism, where the obsession with enforcing a fair balance by using unfair methods means that everybody suffers.