Calculations for Old Petrol Car Equivalences based on Totals, Including Infrastructures

Type of VehicleVery Bad DrivingBad DrivingAverage DrivingGood Driving
Old Bicycle20.32%20.32%13.5%12.19%
New Bicycle23.46%23.46%15.6%14.08%
Old Petrol Car299.98%199.98%100.0%79.99%
Old Diesel Car460.45%306.96%153.5%122.79%
New Petrol Car247.60%165.07%82.5%66.03%
New Diesel Car340.69%227.13%113.6%90.85%
Hybrid Car209.98%139.99%70.0%56.00%
Electric Car139.28%92.85%46.4%37.14%
Bus Diesel1018.44%763.83%509.2%385.55%
Bus Electric145.30%108.97%72.6%65.38%
Train Diesel1273.05%700.18%636.5%572.87%
Train Electric545.59%300.08%272.8%245.52%
Short Haul Jet4166.35%2291.49%2083.2%1874.86%
Long Haul Jet6018.06%3309.93%3009.0%2708.13%
Rocket NEO100190.77%100190.77%100190.8%100190.77%
Rocket Moon, etc1511.79%1511.79%1511.8%1511.79%

I’ve tried to include as much of not just its original raw materials, processing, production and use, but the maintenance and infrastructure that is needed in terms of the total pollution that it produces. All of it is subjective really to how and who uses it, current capacities and general usage in the areas they are commonly used. Many are simply provided on a strict timetable of provision whether they are needed or not.

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