Kilonova 11/12/2021 GRB211211A

Is there more dense matter in the universe than thought?

A theory of a merger of two neutron stars, known as a ‘kilonova’ in 11/12/2021 seemed to produce 50 second long gamma ray burst GRB 211211A that had similar structure in length, colour and luminosity as the one, GRB170817A that coincided with arrival of gravity wave GW170817 and in the host galaxy NGC 4993, although a gravity wave GW211211, seems not to be detected or recorded.

This combination which may be more common than thought, may mean that the production of a lot of the heavier elements associated singly or solely with supernovae and much rarer, may be produced by less active combinations, so providing larger quantities of those over a shorter period of time.

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