Moving Object in Field – James Webb Space Telescope JWST

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has now gone active and is now sending back useful information. NASA released a side by side photo of what can be seen by the Hubble Telescope and the JWST, so as an exercise I thoought I would superimpose one on the other to see what extra image information can be had, since it is a very narrow field they are looking at. The odd thing is that something seems to appear on Hubble in a different place to the JWST. Odd that. It might just be a meteor, asteroid or comet.

The black is the old Hubble information, the white the extra information that the JWST provides. The white arrow signifies the apparent movement in the field. The edges are a bit dependent on the focusing and field the two separate systems are set up to give, but away from the edges you should see only white with a black background, or just white, not just black where white does not exist and has been overlaid.

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