Weather Manipulation using Microwave Energy

There have been some known limited areas of success in this. Most systems on our planet are a combination of hot moist air rising and cooling, releasing the moisture, but in a horizontal pattern. It is when the pattern rotates into the vertical due to such things as a Coriolis effect where things start to go wrong, Hurricanes and Cyclones, and with tighter effect such as tornadoes. If you have a long flat path things can get really bad, the sea being quite flat and able to build up momentum, plains being the equivalent on land. If things meet head on it’s not too bad, it’s when they try to pass each other and spin. Hot air can hold a lot more water than cold air, but loses it quickly as the temperature decreases, faster more agitated air less able to hold onto both temperature and moisture than slow, heat being vibration. Think of a spin dryer.

So, because it’s harder to cool things rather than heat them up, it’s easier to makes things worse or start them rather than to make them milder or stop them.

The worst place for heat and moisture is on the equator, so they will normally travel east to west resisting the earths spin like a turned gyroscope, the only way to really stop them being a disruptive barrier. It may be that where there was a tendency in an area in the past prehistoric man attempted to put tree topped artificial hills in a primitive weather manipulation attempt to disrupt air flows. Sprawling City areas rather than rural areas with big gaps, show less problems because of artificial disruption.

But there have been signs that some attempts have been made to artificially induce some effects, for the good or bad and thinking along this way. Weaponising weather probably being considered, the recent idea of using nuclear warheads to disrupt an impending hurricane to stop them, but probably making them worse, recently mentioned. All the extra heat, not cooling, so you’re not making things better, and there is more than one military establishment around the world ‘studying’ weather by using high intensity microwaves aimed at different levels. You do wonder why the military are so interested in discovering how marginal effects where things don’t normally change that much and affect communications are so important when satellites are the main form they may use. If you aren’t sure of your knowledge sometimes it’s best not to stick your wet fingers in a plug point to check if its live.

Meddling with the weather is very much:

‘Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer

the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,

or to take arms against a sea of troubles,

and by opposing end them?’

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