World Population Model Update 27/03/2022

This was collected from a number of sources, mainly the various government websites and various sites around the internet. Feel free to use it as you will, I claim no responsibility or possession of the parts.

The data contained where the actual figures can’t be found are interpolated and extrapolated from similar or close neighbours that usually go to make up the population. Islands are a problem, so in many cases if a value is not to be had I would average the surrounding islands unless there was a specific reason not to such as a commercial centre warping the data towards particular non-indigenous groups.

This is the World Population Model Data File WPMD1.

Hopefully this should give you some information about the world we live in. Where it differs from reality it is definitively incorrect, and I suspect reality has just got it wrong this time.

All characteristics portrayed within this file are best guesses and calculations, and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely intentional.

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