Why Do the Lungs Take in Covid?

With viruses it tends to chemically just be down to ion exchanges to deliver its package. They tend to be coated with something that conceals what it is and mimics what the body is looking for. Most seem to be coated with glycans, sugary carbohydrates that the body loves and indicates something that it should accept even though the defences are trying to stop them, but the body has a sweet tooth that overcomes this. The infectiveness seems to be linked with what could maybe effectively be called ‘body taste,’ where some viruses taste better than others, so will allow more through at a quicker rate. Alcohol and sweets are of this similar pattern, so if it mimics liquorice allsorts I don’t think I will last long.

There isn’t any data on the matter, but as most vaping uses propylene glycol, a slightly sweet tasting diol, also used in antifreezes, and mostly glycerine a sweet tasting glyceride, it would be interesting as to the effects of Covid-19 on regular users. This using of a similar mechanism is unknown. Are they more susceptible, as their lungs may be more conditioned to accept sweeter things, or are they less, the lungs being more saturated, so slowing down virus acceptance. So, does vaping make it worse, unaffect it, or make it better? It could be an unknown extra risk, irrelevant, or a help in preventing it, especially if used with something that slows down Covid acceptance.

If you look at vaping generally it is really an inhaler system. You get taste and a certain amount of effect from the flavourings, but inhale a vaporised glycerine mix. This allows for very fast delivery of a payload, so may be a good idea for certain types of drugs. If you could find a compound that limits a certain type of glycan delivery you could possibly have a prophylactic type system. It seems likely that where there were reports of people dying and suffering serious consequences from vaping they were using a very high THC liquid that gave an overload of the respiratory system, so the delivery seems to be quite concentrated and direct.

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