Defocusing to Locate or Innovate

This is where you have something which you are looking for and can’t work out what it is or remember it, only the you know it is there, but out of current reach. Your mind is focused just on that problem. The best way to solve it is to think of something else or defocus. At some point it usually comes to you. Brainstorming uses this sort of principle, a group or person thinking of things at random, with some really wild connections. Similarly, if you want to find something that you can’t remember where it is, decide on finding something else and often as not you will come across that items or remember where it is.

Tarot cards are your bag, so if it helps, use those. It reduces preconceived starting points so you can get a better overall picture of the day.

The brain seems to be a holographic pattern matching type system, one part being activated firing off other connected areas, defocusing reducing that specific or set pattern to a more global trawl of a number of areas. When defocused, a match occurs in a fuzzy logic setting and latches onto the necessary or desired pattern.

We’ve got about 100 billion neurons, each with about 7,000 synaptic connections, so theoretically that’s about 100 billion to the power of about 7,000 factorial positions, processing about 40 billion bytes of information a second, but only a billion bytes we can process and a million bytes we are aware of. Not bad for the considered worthless 3lb bit of meat that 7 billion of us have. If a government spent a trillion pounds on a computer it still couldn’t do what the lowest person is capable of. Sadly, they’re valued at their meat content by a lot of people, rather than their capability.

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