World Levels of Methane

There is a lot of worry amongst climate scientists. The level of methane in the atmosphere has been increasing faster since about 1750, half of it being after 1970. It has a 25 times heating affect as CO2 and lasts about 4 times as long in the atmosphere. Meat farming has been blamed, the anti-meat lobby using it as an example to impose their ideology on others, but it’s going up vastly faster than the animals, so it’s unlikely from there. The permafrost is melting and releasing some, again it’s going up faster than what’s available from carbon in the exposed vegetation, so it’s unlikely from there. So all the scientists are baffled as why it is happening. There are estimates of between 300-11,000 gigatons of clathrates on the ocean and sea floors, the surface temperature of them below what is needed for them to normally melt. but the mixing of lower layers beneath the 1000m thermocline is very small, not really enough to explain the rise based on surface increases. Even all taken together there is a big deficit.
The sea floor is one of the most volcanic areas on earth and we are experiencing a rise in volcanic activity in a number of places. The sea layers can only hold small amounts of gaseous methane, about 0.025g/l, most of it being in solid layers right at the bottom, but we have a circulating semi-metallic core beneath us. My guess is that it is banded in layers like seen in the form with something like the gas atmosphere of Jupiter, the magnetic poles being the top angles of those layers’ underneath us. It would normally be a circular type movement, but it’s been moving faster in one direction since about the 1850’s, and around the time of the Carrington event. One possibility is that these layers are altering their pitch, and hotter ones are now coming under thinner layers of the crust, vulcanicity pushing this release. Layers that would not normally get the heat rising underneath are melting the clathrates from the bottom upwards, not being noticed, the balance diffusing into the atmosphere.
The models being used over the past 50 years to predict climate change due to carbon dioxide can’t explain the increases in methane with it rising a lot faster than those models predict, so there are a lot of worried people.

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