Is the Earth Subterraneanally Banded Like Jupiter?

Nobody still knows what goes on beneath our feet. Underneath us we have a crust that is 3-6 miles deep under the oceans, so there is probably a lot more volcanic action going on under the sea than we can see on land by a very large degree. Under the continents it is about 20-30 miles thick. Our crust is mainly formed of the lighter rock forming elements, the majority being deeper down. Below this is the upper mantle where the bottom of the world’s tectonic plates sit, moving around on the lower mantle.

All this is based on using seismic and magnetic data, but nobody really knows what is really down there as the farthest anybody has drilled to is about 2 miles above the upper mantle. The view of what is actually down there is based on models, simulations and stuff that just comes to the surface.

There are a couple of ideas that may prove useful:

  1. That when the earth enters a more volcanic stage the temperatures of the thinnest points are rising and may heat up the ocean more, raising CO2 levels and releasing more methane from clathrates as an effect, as warm water reduces the storage capacity for both.
  • That the core isn’t a homogenous mix, but is banded by densities in a similar way to Jupiter’s atmosphere. The banding passes through weak spots as it moves and the extra pressures of each band make themselves known by quicker plate movement and volcanic activity.
  • The spin of the bands, although affected by the earth’s spin, aren’t completely consistent and can be indicated by the movement of the magnetic poles.

The question is therefore; are volcanic eruptions and earthquakes linked to magnetic pole shift?

I’ve sketched out a few diagrams that suggest the line of my thinking.

Description of the banding

Later if I have the time I may be able to work out the rough dimensions of the banding.

The timings of magnetic movements seem to correlate with past seismic events.

Particular bands that seems to be moving northwards at about 30 miles a year. I need to plot the lines on an exact globe as the projection has a lot of inaccuracies.

Plot volcanic eruptions along the line of magnetic movement.

The question is a knotty one, based on spin and upward pressure caused by that movement of the bands, but various seismic events seem to be showing a distinct similarity in timings and increasing and clustered occurrences.

22/11/2021 Vulcano? 2022 New Island at 60N 15W?

There have been a number of unusual events on the lines of the third photo recently suggesting something may be going on.

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