State of the World

We live in an era of fear. Every day we are being bombarded by figures that suggest the game is nearly over, and the people doing it are pretty much out of control now, and sponsored by media, education and governments. If you look at the data provided by NOAA it is as below:

The graph uses a very limited top and bottom end ranges, and fahrenheit rather than centigrade as it gives a worse impression, the numbers are bigger. The black line is a polynomial trend line as it gives a better indication than the primitive straight-line version. So, things look pretty bad. But if you use centigrade instead, and include the lowest and highest world average temperatures it looks slightly different. The lowest temperatures are from 370, 350, 320, 300, 290, 270 and a million years ago in what is likely to be our own current ice age that it’s doubtful we may be out of. We are always being told that ice covered poles are vital for the planet, but it’s more likely that ice covered poles are unusual for the planet as they haven’t been there for most of its history. The highest are from 470, 430, 250, 100 and 75 million years ago.

This is probably a better idea of the situation. That said, climate change is happening. Can we stop it by all the plans and machinations of the various organisations? I’m doubtful, and nobody has done any preparation for this. I don’t really think there is a chance of agreement or reducing standards to a level that could stop it if it was just man-made CO2 driving it.

Fear of death is behind a lot of it, most organisations are claiming ‘do this or your dead.’ Covid itself being a good example of fear controlling the world, with probably as many people or more dying from massively over restricting and over legislating as die from the disease, where sensible restrictions would have worked. Look at the over the top panic driven restrictions at doctor’s surgeries and hospitals, you’d think they were dealing with ebola. Having lived through things like polio, scarlet fever, whooping cough, measles, outbreaks, etc. we do seem to have media driven anxiety throughout.

Thanks to NOAA and Smithsonian for data.

But fear aside, there have been increased volcanic activity, accelerating magnetic pole change, and the likelihood of major solar flares in the near future. Together with increased antibiotic resistance and possibly vaccine resistance, the sun moving into a bombardment zone, and large countries military, market manipulation and authoritarianist ambitions. And, of course continued climate change and the people from CERN not knowing exactly what they are doing. Perm any two from ten. Society and the world have been sailing a little too near the wind for a long time, so we might be seeing the civilised worlds finals days. ‘Except, of course, for the sweet trolley and our fine selection of Aldebaran liqueurs.’ But life is a thing full of uncertainty, and all you can do is be thankful ‘I survived today.’

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