Unusual Seismic Activity

The so called ring of fire which Alaska sits on the edge of is not unknown for it’s activity. Normally you get a volcano a year erupting it some form over year. Three volcanoes have now erupted in a short time, plus a 6.9 earthquake hit off the coast of Alaska this morning, and by coincidence a 7.2 earthquake hit Haiti at a similar time. Haiti sits the other side of mid american peninsula, about 1,000 miles closest distance away from the ring of fire, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a general fault movement may be passed onto it, possibly due to fracturing by an impact near the Yucatan pensinula.

There was an 8.2 earthquake in a similar area of Alaska 16 days ago and multiple 6+ ones down the chain earlier, as far as the Sandwich Islands.

We will need to see if this plate effect may be passed around the ring.

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