NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter

On 19th April 2021 the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter made history in being the first powered flight to take off from the Red Planet. There were later flights on 22nd, 25th, 30th April, and 7th May. Since then there hasn’t been a flight. To give NASA credit where credit’s due, I didn’t think that a helicopter was viable on Mars, only having about 1% of the atmosphere of the Earth, but if you spin the rotors fast enough, an almost pure CO2 atmosphere would probably support a very light craft for a short period in terms of flight and longevity. Without strong internal heating it’s probably that it would be quite short lived, maybe as long as it’s bearings lasted.

There doesn’t seem to be any form of view from the helicopter shown, only external views from Perseverance and shadows of it’s flight, which is worrying.

Hopefully we will hear again from it soon.

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