The Four Dimensions of Time

Recently I’ve been thinking about matter in general and come to the conclusion that we should be talking about time-space rather than space-time.

We currently think of space and the movement of it in terms of 3 dimensions and a 4th separate dimension called time. Somehow, we also acquire with mass the weird attribute known as gravity, and through movement another attribute that dilates time.

But, think of it in another way; that all four dimensions are in fact dimensions in time, 3 relatively stable, the fourth things being pushed through at the speed of light. So, we have larger particles or objects with a lot of mass producing a drag on this time and the more mass slowing it down for the object locally. We call this time drag of mass, gravity. When we get to the really small, there isn’t a lot of mass for time to get a hold and produce drag, so those particles with negligible mass don’t produce much drag and the particle glides through the force of time internally without really any effect, still travelling in a straight line, but sometimes if there is a massive amount of mass, the time dimensions in between being distorted.

A gravity well then just becomes a time well, and inconsequential particles with no effective mass such as photons pass through the grain of time without being internally affected by it. A particle being effectively the same at the end of its path as it was at the start, but the journey outside itself taking the required time it needs to traverse the distance in another time dimension. Gravity being just drag in the movement through time.

You may also have the added effect that if you measure two lighter than the mass required for time effect, the particles act as though they did right at the start, having passed through an unequal distance in the other 3 dimensions, but having travelled exactly the same distance in the fourth dimension. In the fourth dimension they are as they were at the start, right next to each other, distance in the other 3 time dimensions being irrelevant. They are still connected in the 4th most important dimensions.

Next, we have motion in the 3 stable dimensions of time, any motion ‘cutting into’ the movement through the 4th dimension. You can’t go faster than the speed that time travels, any movement reducing the effect of time, so even though time pervades the mass being pushed through it and for that mass time appears as normal, but to the outside world that cutting into time has the appearance of speeding it up, traversing time faster than normal non-moving matter. So a week may pass at near time speed, but a year may pass to the observer, the internal time being normal for the moving object. It just going with natural time.

Gravity is a drag through time that carries objects in its field of proximity that works like the form of a time funnel, the greater the mass, the more steeply curved the effect on nearby time. Since it is time that is being bent, it is seen in a similar form to acceleration as they are both related effects of the 4 time dimensions.

What happens when you get a mass such as a black hole? The drag through time is like a pin in the card of time, it just moves in the dimension of time at the minimum velocity for an object of that type. Internally it is still running on its own internal current time, time pervading it as it would any other object, but the time differences between parts of it wrecking any particles that surrounds it centre. The matter in a black hole has not disappeared, this is evident that it still operates in our own current time frame, the mass producing exactly the effects of gravity that the total mass of something that size would produce, so there isn’t an escape to exotic dimensions, it’s simply still there but unobtainable. This is also evident by the effects of two black holes combining, where the total final mass plus the energy produced is exactly that of the original two, no less, no more, no dimension jump or brane wave.

As all existent matter needs to transverse time, unless it happens to be part of the actual granular structure of time, the larger the distance, the more resistance by gravity it will receive, space not being an empty place, full of time that can take distortion.

But we live, work, and experiment in a privileged environment. Every reaction and measurement is first the time drag effect of the earth’s mass (6 x 10^24kg, and therefore a possible terminal velocity worth 8km/s), the current cut into time of the velocity of the earth around the sun (30km/s), the velocity of the sun around the galaxy (220km/s), the velocity of the galaxy around the known universe (550km/s), the rotation of the universe around others if they are there (probably if the ration of scales is similar to lower levels, about 10,000km/s), but it would be quite curious if the eventual total of all effects turned out to be 300,000km/s.

So, we have a problem with speed and travel through what we see as space. I was sitting on a hospital bench waiting for an operation in the next month when I worked out we must be travelling through time at the speed of light to explain a number of findings. But if we can eventually travel backwards in time, we would find if we are travelling through time at lightspeed, displacing around the distance of the moon for about every 1.5 seconds, or moving as far as the sun is away every 8 minutes of time displacement backwards, so at our current level of development an hour back in time would be 67 million miles away, getting the distances right possibly letting us emerge an hour ago on Mars with 1.3 grams more mass, disappearing with a ‘pop’ from earth.

Is the spin regular? Maybe not, especially if other universes out there have a drag effect of adjacent ones, in which case time may in fact be slowing down, but to us it would appear if everything was speeding up at distance, the farther out you go the greater the apparent effect, the closer the object the slower the effect, until right in our vicinity when you wouldn’t really notice that much at all.

Time to ponder; or is it time to ponder, time. A catchy title for a song I think.

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