Covid Data File 18/02/2021

I’ve finally got the world data file into some form of order. I had to go back to original news articles and data for a lot of these figures, especially for the very early cases that didn’t seem to tally with a lot of later ones. This is a first version as I plan to still research the cases and find out what really happened at what stage and at what time.

So this data file may not agree with other ones out there, but you can take it as definitively inaccurate, reality just getting it wrong in some places.

The next job is to get all the relationships correctly linked.

So here it is:

World Covid Data File as of 18/02/2021 CVD1.

I’ve just found out that the file doesn’t seem to convert to the generic XLS format on my system but truncates the file so I have had to leave this as an XLSX file.

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