Problems with Website

The website will be of limited functionality for a while. I tried updating to the latest version of wordpress and the system got really mucked up.

I’m away from my main house at the moment and hope to restore it from a recent backup. Found out that it will only restore backups less than 8MB and most of mine are over this so I’m going to need to do a lot of editing the XML files manually to reduce it.

My updates of the site are a bit disjointed due to work pressures and having problems with my sight. The cataract in my right eye is causing problems seeing close objects, so reading is quite uncomfortable. Not good in IT and stats. Depending on the outcome of a consultation in the next few days I will know what the prospects are, and if my left eye is also starting to be affected. If due to covid I may have to wait a year or two for treatment on the NHS, I might need to use most of my savings to do it privately, so updates might become a bit more sporadic, as earning an income comes first over providing information.

The sight in my right eye has changed quite a bit and now I’m due for cataract surgery in about a months time, so it’s only going to take 4 months, but the initial consultation was 6 months ago about it. Hopefully with the numbers of Covid cases expanding again in the UK it won’t be put back.

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