A Poor Nights Sleep

I generally find that I blessed in that I can usually get to sleep quite easily and my sleep tends to be quite good, even though in can be quite short. Other people I know seem to have consistently poor sleep, insomnia, and other neurological problems with sleep. Also my dreams tend to be less worrying and its rare for me to be disturbed by their content. Other people seem to always be having bad dreams, but is it just chance or current outlook? Is it just having levels of anxiety, a poor outlook on life, or a guilty or worrisome personality?

I found that my orientation seems to have a big affect on this, and that if I sleep in a West to East orientation my sleep seems to be consistently better than North to South, and that South to North is similar, being only slight assuaged by an East to West. At the moment I have two places that I normally spend a lot of time in and sleep, one having a West to East bed orientation and the other North to South. It might just be the bed and where I am, being a victim of circumstance, but when I am north to south I tend to get poorer sleep.

I’m wondering whether a survey of sleep habits against orientation would give an insight into this? Looking back through my sleeping arrangements through time I notice that all the beds tended to have an orientation in the same direction. We seem to naturally do this in our houses irrespective of construction. Everybody seems to sleep mainly in the same direction in a house. True, if we can’t fit the bed in this way there tends to be quite often a person whose life seems to be unsettled, and I wonder if domestic peace and stability is affected by a hotchpotch of directions.

Think back how you have lived and you see a pattern developing of this sort, why?

Its claimed that certain animals have a sense call magnetoreception that allow them to sense the earths magnetic fields for some purpose. Since we share many of the genes of other animals it would make sense if we too had this facility or sense that we were unaware of due to our technological advances and society. We still have many of these inherited characteristics which appear as likes or dislikes, especially in things like taste in food or things like fear. This inherited conditioning affects how we perceive the world, and magnetic fields may have more of an impact than we think. Think of magnetic bracelets, often dismissed as quack medicine, but never thought of  ‘if they did work in some, way how would it be?’ Are the strengths involved rendering them purely symbolic, possibly like crystals? I did another article on UFO’s and possible links to unknown piezoelectric effects and fields of deformed crystalline structures in quartz rock formations, especially in active fault zones.

Its likely that any animal that has a large range would require more than just visual confirmation of directions, some having a greater sense than others. Whales, birds and fish migrating thousands of miles over areas that change through the years, late or early seasons presenting a completely different picture, possibly for the whole journey but they manage it, so it can’t be just physical impression and recognition.

If we do have this innate sense, maybe lying in the wrong direction gives a sense that filters into our subconscious as a hollow feeling of being lost. A person who is lost cannot easily settle and will be uneasy throughout their rest. As a test, if you consistently have poor sleep, try changing the orientation of your bed from your head at the west to your feet at the east. Your phone should give you directions with its maps, and see if this has any long term effects. It needs to be over reasonable periods. There is also the possibility that you are aligned with the direction you were born in, or local geomagnetic fields, but that is an experiment for another time.

It’s a whimsical notion, but I plan to ‘calibrate’ my sleep over the coming months by orientating myself when I do so in different directions and recording my impressions. Effectively a sleep diary. The oddness is that a West to East direction may in fact have nothing to do with magnetoreception but may just be orientating myself with the earths spin and be a purely fluid damping and flow, but I’m not sold on either yet. Spinning around like a fly on a beach ball might be just a coriolis effect on the body. Do astronauts have poorer sleep if they orbit the wrong way? There is also the added complications of effect strength due to elevation and latitude.

Cows seem to show a stronger effect than a lot of other creatures, but sending them into space up to test them might just be a lot of bull ship. Sorry, couldn’t resist adding the last paragraph. The rest bears investigation.

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