A Climate Experiment

We have at the moment a battle between two groups, those that say man-made CO2 is driving the climate and those who say it isn’t.

My proposal is therefore an experiment to see if or how much an effect we are having on our environment.

The pollution will still go on whatever is claimed either way, and one year’s pollution probably won’t make any difference to the outcome, but it may give a result that indicates one way or another.

At the moment the estimate of man made CO2 going into the environment is about an extra 30 billion tonnes a year. My proposal is to produce 60 billion tonnes of CO2 over one year instead.

This should result in two things; a noticeable spike and a new cycle of CO2 that is corresponding to two years or none at all.

If it is two years we will then be pretty sure we are responsible.

If it is none then we can be pretty sure our CO2 contribution makes no difference and will look elsewhere. In this case CO2 will be driven rather than the prime driver, more of an effect than a cause.

A value in between would show some effect and we will have an idea as to the rate of cause and effect.

It’s a bit drastic, but its better to have a more accurate idea than what is really a guess, and putting all our resources into enforcing that guess.

Most of the mathematics and modelling is pretty suspect logically and uses a lot of unproven assumptions.

A comparison would be eating cheese makes you diabetic. The majority of fat people eat cheese, and fat people are more likely to be diabetic, therefore cheese is the sole cause. A study of cheese eating against fatness has a direct link. Except for those people who are not fat and/or diabetic. They are atypical, so must have some unusual immunity, which is for another study and aren’t included in research.

At the moment there isn’t a country planning for a major climate change, all are fixated on being seen as ‘green’ whatever the cost in hidden pollution, a bit like electric cars being counted as zero pollution at the tailpipe they don’t have, but when costs are worked out on the whole extra car from start to finish, the advantages and lower pollution are marginal at best, at worst, more polluting.

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