Referendum on the TV Licence Fee

I am calling for a referendum on the continuation of the TV licence fee, and over the public funding of what is now is a loose set of mainly private companies and subcontractors.

If you wish to vote on it go to: Referendum on the TV Licence Fee

The original TV licence fee was set up when the BBC was a public service and there was a necessity for that to be publicly funded. This is no longer true in any way, being mainly a commercial organisation that now sells its products to fund its private suppliers. The fact that it is making large profits by selling under license to the public, programmes that were previously wholly funded by its customers, is an added insult.

I consider the BBC no longer represents the opinions of the people of the UK and value for money, and whose private and personal agendas and displays of self-interest, are funded by public money and retained profits from commercial ventures that benefit the same.  For justice and representation to be fair, if they wish to hold those values then the money provided should be from private sources and voluntary, by choice, and not compulsory with legal penalties.

Any programme that was financed or paid for by the public by the BBC should therefore continue into the UK public domain, not requiring payment above moderate reproduction fees, from the public for a second time, for that which was previously purchased by them. People in other countries not having financed the programmes in the first place would continue payments, but to a public fund.

Even if you don’t share this view do you consider it right that the people who demand continued funding have a right to dictate mandatory payment by those who are against it, and legally force them pay for a private service that they do not want or desire.

Let the people decide, and not openly use marketing adverts in support of their cause on the publicly funded BBC to do so.

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