The Young and Mental Health

It’s a sad fact that many young people these days are haunted by demons created by themselves and our modern society. So many are being missed and not told they are important and a vital part of the future. I’ve met a lot of young people and it’s surprising how common it is. Every family and group is rife with it, too scared to discuss it, as even discussing it is considered a social crime by those people who only see the imperfect in everybody else. The young are trying to live up to impossible standards that everybody expects, to have a free and open life but always imprisoned by the same extreme version of Victorian attitudes, ‘You’re expected to, and must speak your mind, but not offend anybody in the process.’ Every word you say or write must be carefully calculated and analysed to be within that standard, with penalties of immediate destruction if you make any mistake, however small, or that can be re-interpreted in the future and taken out of context. “You said ‘Hello’ in the wrong way,” so that gives me a right to destroy your life. The media including social, these days are populated with uncontrolled predators with the morals of a serial killer.

When you are young you are full of enthusiasm and wanting to change the world, but everybody makes some really bad mistakes and has an incorrect way of thinking about things. True some people never change, but nowadays the media can access all this, and extract a few small bad portions from a lifetime of good works to remove you from any post, labelling you an evil person, but the people doing it and calling for it are the real evil, and enjoy money and status from their degenerate work. They constantly spend their lives searching for an error, live to destroy, and openly enjoy doing it. You wouldn’t want to see the picture they have in their mental attics.

Don’t listen to them and enhance their reputation, and don’t take every criticism as an attack unless they keep doing it. Remember the quote ‘the biggest mistake I have made in my life is letting people stay in my life far longer than they deserve.’ Anon.

People these days see themselves as Police Officer, Judge and Jury, so young people should learn not to judge themselves so harshly. Let yourself off with a warning occasionally. Be a lenient judge and give yourself the benefit of a doubt. Rehabilitate rather than revenge. Everybody isn’t doing better than you and more successful in what counts. Remember, if moneys all you want, moneys all you’ll get. Give your mind time off to be totally unbalanced.

The most successful fighter aircraft are designed to be unstable with computer controls to balance them and the ones designed to be stable just can’t keep up.

Regain control, but not too much to fly in a conforming line.

Two quotes:

“Don’t mention a person’s past mistakes when they are trying to change. That’s like throwing rocks at them while they are struggling to climb a mountain.” Anon.

“All men make mistakes, but only wise men learn from their mistakes.” Winston Churchill.

You can’t judge the past by present standards. He was a product of his time and social group, and without him we wouldn’t have this world to unfairly complain and unfairly judge in.

In this world you can’t make everybody happy, but it shouldn’t be for a want of trying.

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