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Memory, Pattern Matching and the Complexity of Stimulus

We have all had things which suddenly jog our memories and make us think of things that happen in the past. We see, hear, smell, taste and touch things that make us smile, remembering events of the past. Generally, we are an optimistic species that prefers to remember nice things rather than bad things, a […]

Calculations for Old Petrol Car Equivalences based on Totals, Including Infrastructures

Type of Vehicle Very Bad Driving Bad Driving Average Driving Good Driving Old Bicycle 20.32% 20.32% 13.5% 12.19% New Bicycle 23.46% 23.46% 15.6% 14.08% Old Petrol Car 299.98% 199.98% 100.0% 79.99% Old Diesel Car 460.45% 306.96% 153.5% 122.79% New Petrol Car 247.60% 165.07% 82.5% 66.03% New Diesel Car 340.69% 227.13% 113.6% 90.85% Hybrid Car 209.98% […]

We are Losing the Fight for Ourselves

To me, everything and everybody has a value. Even the non-working things have a value to work out why they are not working and at least an educational value, if nothing else. My life has been one of trying to work out ‘why?’ How did something get to this situation? Much of our lives are […]