Monthly Archives: April 2022

Why Society?

When you join a society at birth you are automatically contracted into the system. This gives you the advantages of the system so long as you stick within your contracted obligations to that society. At the moment there is no option not to be a member as the world is already owned by a limited […]

Weather Manipulation using Microwave Energy

There have been some known limited areas of success in this. Most systems on our planet are a combination of hot moist air rising and cooling, releasing the moisture, but in a horizontal pattern. It is when the pattern rotates into the vertical due to such things as a Coriolis effect where things start to […]

What is Normal?

Humans as a race see things in terms of normality. This is normal, this is not normal and should be changed. Each society living at each time has a sense of ‘normality,’ which is the conditions they are used to and grew up with. For a person living in a hot desert, water is scarce, […]