Monthly Archives: October 2021

The Seas, Oceans and Forests as CO2 Sinks.

Trees are pretty benign species as far as animals go unless a large one falls on one or a lot catch fire. For other plants they are a nightmare, very little growing in their vicinity as the ‘kings of the forest’ grab all the nutrients around them for themselves, leaving little left over for their […]


Gold is heavy for its size, so high value can be transported personally, relatively inert, can be manipulated easily, conducts electricity nearly as good as copper, silver being best. so is used to protect other metals that it covers closely. It can have compounds, but they are rare, so doesn’t need refining. Gold doesn’t tarnish […]

Does Altruism Exist?

I’m a great believer in science, and never subscribed to the idea that things just happen at random. Things happen, but I’ve never come across one thing that didn’t have a cause where it can be measured, so the idea that just because something happens and you can’t measure it, it doesn’t suggest that random […]

Is the Earth Subterraneanally Banded Like Jupiter?

Nobody still knows what goes on beneath our feet. Underneath us we have a crust that is 3-6 miles deep under the oceans, so there is probably a lot more volcanic action going on under the sea than we can see on land by a very large degree. Under the continents it is about 20-30 […]