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Monday’s cat sits on your face Tuesday’s cat is up for the chase.     Wednesday’s cat is a tail of woe,     Thursday’s cat has another home to go.     Friday’s cat is always mouse giving,     Saturday’s cat makes you work hard for its living.     And the cat born on the Sabbath day […]

Evolution is Happening all the time

We are what we eat. Evolution is one of those things where the implications are not really realised, as it is a continually ongoing process. Humans up until recently had an omnivorous diet, so we can eat most things within reason. More specialised animals eat particular things, some backing themselves into a dead and end […]

A Few of my Drawings

I’ve decided to subject everybody to some of my drawings that I did at theBishop’s Palace. Pigeons have taken over as my favourite bird, the previous being parrots,but I find I do tend to find a lot of time feeding them lately when I need totry get my thoughts into order. It’s very worrying times, […]

State of the World

We live in an era of fear. Every day we are being bombarded by figures that suggest the game is nearly over, and the people doing it are pretty much out of control now, and sponsored by media, education and governments. If you look at the data provided by NOAA it is as below: The […]

Fracking and Falling Resources

Probably shale oil extraction is going to be the only way the world can survive in its current form. I remember discussing shale oil extraction with my economics teacher nearly 50 years ago, and he was of the opinion that it would never become viable because of the cost. Due to the last 50 years […]

Scale of the Electric car problem

The UK has 40 million cars, vans, trucks and buses and the world has about 1 billion. Each car if electric and powered by lithium batteries would use on average about 200Kg of refined lithium, so that comes to about 8 million tonnes of it for the UK. The world production of lithium is about […]

Earth’s Resources

Earth’s Resources are finite. We may be able to drag stuff down from the space around us but only in very small quantities, the cost per pound of getting stuff from the moon works out to about $250,000 per gram. From low earth orbit it is probably a lot cheaper at maybe $10,000 per gram, […]

Earthquake Storm on La Palma

19/09/2021 There have a number of earthquakes ranging from 2 to 3.8 on the island of La Palma clustering in the Cumbre Vieja area. It is one of those areas that is across the atlantic from a lot of major US cities. This may be worrying in it’s potential for a Tsunami.

Some are More Equal than Others

‘All men are born free and equal, but some men become freer and more equal than others.’ 1887. ‘All men are born free and equal’ we have little doubt, but that some are far more ‘equal’ than others, we have less doubt. 1848. ‘All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.’ […]

Coronavirus Risks 10 (SARS-CoV-2)

I’ve been following the virus for 101 weeks now. Originally, I thought that it would be very limited, but that changed about 99 weeks ago, when the numbers began to rise and we found out more about it. A rough estimate is that the outbreak started out around October 2019 in the vicinity of Wuhan, […]