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World Population and Demographics Model

As promised I have finished my general data model of the world and added Covid-19 figures for 24/4/2020 and 24/11/2020. This was collected from a number of sources, mainly the various government websites and various sites around the internet. Feel free to use it as you will, I claim no responsibility or possession of the […]

Covid-19, SARS, MERS and the Chikungunya virus (CHIKV)

During the 1500’s countries around the world were exposed to the Variola major and Variola minor viruses that cause the infectious disease smallpox. The history of the disease may go back to 1500BCE, and treated using a process known as variolation where the powdered form of scabs that came from existing sufferers were blown up […]

Immunity Against Covid-19

We catch about 3 colds a year, so in an average lifetime a UK person will catch about 240 colds. It’s claimed that up to 200 strains of viruses can account for all of these, but in the field many of them are rare, accounting for maybe 1 in 10,000 cases. Of these about 14% […]

Covid-19 Current Situation 22/11/2020

I’m doubtful about the numbers coming down before the proposed end of substantial lockdown on the 2nd December, more like starting to fall around the 5th and continuing to fall until the new year before they start rising again to current levels near the start of February, but this sounds like good news for Christmas, […]

Spanish Flu (H1N1 Influenza)

Spanish Flu, only called that because the UK and US governments and media suppressed the information about it, Spain being at the time neutral and having no restrictions from either, was a case of a virus going rogue. But why did such a virus with recorded characteristics suddenly change in this manner and then change […]

The Phases of Clinical Trials

In Phase 1 the investigators of a new drug or vaccine spend months looking at the effects on a group of 20-100 people who have no underlying health conditions. This is to figure out what sort of dose is required and how they react to it. This is because new drugs or vaccines can be […]

The Logistics of Covid-19 Vaccines

We need to start travelling on real street with the vaccines. There were original claims that we would have 30 million shots of the vaccine by the end of the year but that hype has now fallen by the wayside and the hype is now that 10 million will be available. It’s likely that 1 […]

Possibilities of Dirigible Airships

Airships since the Hindenburg and R101 have had a very bad press. Lighter than air structured airships could transport large volumes of goods and people with minimal or almost silent propulsion. I could envisage an modern airship using helium or hydrogen made with modern radar absorbing materials, being a stable troop transport, especially if the […]