Monthly Archives: August 2020

Covid 19 Transmission

Viruses are not bacteria; so thinking of one in terms of the other means you will misunderstand the principles that needs to be understood. It’s a bit like following the lifecycle of whales and expecting it to apply to ants. The key is the mechanisms of transfer. You do get the feeling that people are […]

An Experiment in Time

Quantum Entanglement seems to be an established idea and has many aspects that need to be investigated. One of these involves simultaneous time. If two particles are created that are entangled then they should exhibit the characteristic of being ‘out of time.’ The experiment is creating and storing entangled particles, moving them apart, one, the […]

Too Little Information and Too Complicated to Work out without experiment

This is an article of more guesswork and random brainstorming in isolation. In a previous article I compared Covid-19 as similar to a Kawasaki disease in adults, but there is really a difference in how it operates. Kawasaki disease is more an autoimmune disease that causes the squamous epithelial cells in various areas of the […]