Monthly Archives: June 2020

Penny Lane and Slavery

It’s likely that the link with Penny Lane and the demands for it’s renaming is a bit like having a go at the Bishop of Bath and Wells over a dispute with a local water company. What is the history of this insignificant lane at the time of it’s naming that was probably called Penny’s […]

Particle Accelerator on the Moon

There are a number of mistakes and problems here. The moon has an atmosphere; it is not a vacuum. The atmosphere averages around 100 million molecules per cubic metre, but can vary on the moons surface by as much as a 1,000 times over the day. That’s around 3 x 10^-10 pascals, but at times […]

The Young and Mental Health

It’s a sad fact that many young people these days are haunted by demons created by themselves and our modern society. So many are being missed and not told they are important and a vital part of the future. I’ve met a lot of young people and it’s surprising how common it is. Every family […]

History is Missing

It’s interesting that asteroid 163348 (2002 NN4), which is between 150-300m in length, was discovered 18 years ago, arriving in an expected path. They aren’t particularly worrying. What is worrying is something like Oumuamua, which was between 100m and 1 kilometre long and had passed within earths orbit already, went within mercury’s orbit, and was […]