Monthly Archives: June 2020

Covid-19, a Wolf at the Door

There isn’t a ‘correct’ way of dealing with it as very few countries or areas have and are. All countries and areas underplay the disease in some way and most are now busy extolling the size of their fish that weren’t eaten by sharks. Some doing nothing, others restricting into damage, some having local and […]

A Climate Experiment

We have at the moment a battle between two groups, those that say man-made CO2 is driving the climate and those who say it isn’t. My proposal is therefore an experiment to see if or how much an effect we are having on our environment. The pollution will still go on whatever is claimed either […]


There was a recent survey about happiness being just as simple as a small amount of volunteer work. It’s amazing that simplistic modern non-committal solutions are suggested with the same people not understanding anything about the subject, making broad and invalid generalisations. This is more a band-aid approach, with people thinking a life long disability […]

Mercury in the Mariana Trench

Mercury is a rare element only occurring to about 80 parts per billion in its rocks. So the earths mass at 6 x 10^24Kg would mean that there would be about 480,000 billion tonnes of it. It is much heavier than water so it would naturally diffuse to any area that was lower than the […]

Theory and Numbers are Imaginary

One thing that isn’t explained is the modelling and formulae that goes to form the theory which shows certain sizes of certain bodies are impossible. When results show that they may not be, rather than thinking the theory must be wrong, modifications to the theory or ‘fudges’ are used to explain things that are becoming […]

The Climate is Changing

The climate is changing and this change is increasing whatever you have decided is the cause. The figures can’t lie, and there are scientists who have interpreted the data and chosen it being both for and against it being man made. The increase suggests yes, the unvarying yearly cycles say no. The consensus is that […]


Chess has been played using various pieces in some form for possibly 1500 years, the pieces representing the society it was in and made from easily carved materials that were available. This was common to pianos and other musical instruments, where Ivory and Ebony was used to easily distinguish colours in poor light that was […]

Referendum on the TV Licence Fee

I am calling for a referendum on the continuation of the TV licence fee, and over the public funding of what is now is a loose set of mainly private companies and subcontractors. If you wish to vote on it go to: Referendum on the TV Licence Fee The original TV licence fee was set […]

A model of Low Density Particles and Gas Flow

The average person breathes about 16 times a minute and transfers about 4.8 litres each breath. That’s about 76 litres of air a minute. Figures of 200mph have been assumed for coughs and sneezes for many years, but recent testing show that those figures were nonsense and never properly researched or doubted, just repeated parrot […]

Data Manipulation

I think it will only be in a couple of year’s time that we find out what happened in each country as far as Covid-19 goes. Many governments have been making ‘adjustments’ to their figures and reporting with curious events like countries having hundreds of new cases one day and next to no cases following […]