Monthly Archives: May 2020

Pole Position

The deepest hole ever made through the crust was the Kola Superdeep Borehole that was about 7.6 miles. The earths crust at the point it was made was about 3 times this distance, so what lies beneath isn’t proven but guesswork from seismic estimations, so the idea of believe two massive blobs on molten iron […]

What can we assume about Covid-19?

Information is King and what we don’t have is reliable information. But in the UK we have the best statistical service in the world. Try getting any even semi-reliable information from any other country and you soon run into barriers of them not having the information, or not willing to release it to the public. […]

Vaccines and Covid-19 Pt1

Vaccines are based on a number of factors, but most are based on the probability of them being effective against the strain of virus you have. Some may turn out to be 100% effective. But others having no effect whatsoever, and in some cases making it worse. A badly aligned vaccine can be worse than […]

Distributions and Cases of Covid-19

The current difference between Germany and the UK is probably because of a number of factors. They were behind us in terms of the outbreak but went into lockdown about the same time. Their numbers are dependent more on how deaths are reported, which even the UK do this, deaths probably being about 60% higher […]

Is China to Blame for Covid-19?

There’s no two ways about it, the Chinese government have been negligent and are currently using media to trying to divert the blame. But in their defence nearly every other government has been negligent too and are doing the same thing. Blaming other people is a quality that Donald Trump seems to excel in, rather […]