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Blood Groups and Covid-19

I’ve been looking at the countries and the various mortality rates in them and there seems to be a curious statistical quirk. If you compare the countries that seem to come off worse in cases of cases and deaths and compared the commonality of blood groups in those countries there seems to be a correlation […]

Statistics in the UK

In the UK we’ve always been obsessed with statistics, the first ones having been collected and analysed from around 1900, but really started around 1837 with the first census. Originally for use in governance, from then we have tried to use them to inform the public about what is actually happening in the world, and […]

Back to the Future – Watch but Don’t Think

If you think of the Back to the Future series of films it just gives you a headache, so just enjoy the movie, forget all about the plot holes, as the time holes are so big they make it non-existent. As for Marty McFly being identical to Calvin Klein, like most people the people involved […]

Something is Amiss with the UK

Too many people are just looking at their own tiny little area and not seeing the wood for the trees, making up statistics and running models that are so inaccurate because of their assumptions, that they really are similar to guesses depending on what they want the figures to be. If we ignore all mentions […]

What is the Real State of the World?

To know the true state of things you need to be able to work out an estimate of real and full environmental costs, not the perverted figures that people quote for their own ends or ideology, amortised, discounted and suspiciously compensated for claimed and unverified carbon advantage. There is a plus to the current situation […]

Where are we now with Covid-19?

Covid-19 was predictable and this scenario we are in was predictable. But the world wasn’t intelligent enough or prepared to listen to warnings. If history teaches us anything it is that it teaches us nothing, and people interpret history in line with their beliefs or ideology. So it’s simply until the next time. The statements […]

Starve a Malaria but feed a Covid-19

We have a number of sayings from the old days, ‘starve a fever, feed a cold,’ and ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor way,’ but these have always been dismissed as myths by people who generally have the view that people in the old days were pretty stupid, after all they didn’t have genetic […]

New Zealand and Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2)

The New Zealand example of dealing with Covid-19 and the claim by top epidemiologists of it’s relevance is a very simplistic version of the problem, referring to a country that is the size of the UK but has a population of 4.6 million and is quite distant from any other, being easily isolated and just […]

Axis Shift

19/06/2021 – 9,000 racing pigeons set off from Peterborough of about 250,000 birds released that day in the UK, on a flight that should take 3 hours on average. About 5,000 (55%) of those failed to arrive, and 90% failed to arrive in the expected time for the UK, so the overall loss may be […]