Monthly Archives: February 2020

High Energy Photons and Viruses

Viruses are a curious set of creatures. They operate in conditions that are very sheltered because they cannot exist for very long on their own. They need a host to survive and quite often have a very short existence without one. The record for a virus outside a host, not cryogenically stored seems to be […]

A New Model Order

A model which I did for economics early on in my life suggested that any economy that relies on laws to contain its business and social conditions start out with good intentions, trying to improve its conditions. This will progress through levels of safety, and if unhampered by or suppressing opposing forces, will tempt the […]

The Veracity of Information

The scientific method is to observe and analyse information. From that information you try using logic to deduce what you think the rules are. You then propose a hypothesis. This hypothesis is tested. If it seems to agree with the evidence and deductions it is entered as likely and can become a theory, if it […]

Coronavirus and Bats

I’ve been following the virus for over eight weeks now. Originally I thought that it would be very limited, but that changed about 6-7 weeks ago, when the numbers began to rise and we found out more about it. The infected seem to consist of a lot that are in recovery, but does’t seem to […]