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World Carbon Sequestering Project

We live on a world that has limited resources. There are those who push the idea that resources are unlimited and world production is only good when it is always increasing in size. But even using a simple multiplier of 1% a year means that every 69 years the use of resources will double. So […]

The Speed of Gravity

Recently I saw an article about whether gravity acts at the speed of light, or at a different rate depending on circumstances, together with a comment on why we should bother with all this research, as what does it matter. Thinking about this I decided to put up a few ideas. The speed of gravity […]

Hydrogen Cars

It’s unlikely that we will be driving hydrogen fuelled cars for at least 10 years, if not more. Most of the hydrogen produced at the moment is expensive, being from cracking natural gas, the total production for the whole world being around 50 million tonnes a year. Compare it to natural gas of 2.7 billion […]

Time Flows

One possibility for the unusual waves coming from deep space may be if the big bang was caused by the collision of two universes, one high energy and one low energy. It’s said that the beginning of time started with the big bang. What if the characteristic we know as time was not a part […]

Test Idea for Universe

Car Equivalents and Why New is bad

The current method for working out even tailpipe emissions are very suspect. It equates a car that does 15mpg as being clean as a car that does 70mpg. Chemistry doesn’t work in a political or consensus way, and unless you find a way of getting rid of the carbon in the fuel, a car that […]

More Black Holes

Black holes grow and increase in the mass that effects the objects around it. That seems to happen in real time, so they definitely interact with the outside universe. Two black holes that separately affect the orbits of matter combining, immediately affect the orbits according to the sum of a slightly lower mass, some lost […]

Report of the Origins and Travels of Man – 1 January 99,000

Scientists have investigated the probably origins and movement of the human species Homo Sapiens Sapiens and have decide what follows is the accepted version of what has happened to the species over the last 200,000 years. We know that there have been many disasters over the years such as the magnetic field shifts of the […]

Pictorial Display of Earth’s Atmosphere

This is a pictorial display of the atoms and molecules of earth’s atmosphere. There are three pictures, one denoting the average, one at the poles and the last at the equator.

State of the World

The world is in an OK position, but only an OK position. We hear from climate change and environmentalists enthusiasts that the sky is falling and that we are shortly looking at the end of the world. This should be taken in the same line as a zombie apocalypse warning. If you listen to any […]