Monthly Archives: November 2019

Perchlorates on Mars

It’s very likely that it is a combination of the perchlorates, iron oxides, UV light and the small amount of water at very low pressure. The redness in the soil is mainly due to iron in it, and it contains about 1% of the very reactive calcium perchlorate, Ca(ClO4)2. Anybody going to Mars is going […]

MH370 Possibilities

As an exercise I set myself a hobby project to try to fathom out its disappearance that I sent to the US Infinity Company in May 2018. A later article about ‘noise’ detected by an acoustic study recently by Cardiff University which discovered 2 anomalies about the time when the MH370 disappeared, one of which […]

Do we have natural colliders in nature?

Think of a crystal. We now know the effects of deformations in crystal structure, cigarette and stove lighters work on this principle. Deformation of a crystal causes what is called a piezoelectric effect. Many materials are composed of a crystalline like structure, especially stone ones like quartz, feldspar mica, olivine, pyroxene and amphibole that make […]

Thermal Vents

All forms of life so far are either descended from only one original organism and place, use common pre-set chemical and physical construction routes, so is common in the universe, or didn’t originate here, so might in fact be artificial biological constructs. The conveyor and transfer systems just seem to be too complete, accurate and […]

Recycling Lithium batteries

Nobody disputes how common lithium is or thinks that is the problem, but it’s only twice as common as lead. Though it’s similar to sodium and potassium in its difficulty to get at. Because of the increasing demand there is a Lithium production shortage and only a few countries supplying most of it, or in […]