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Probability of the Elements

If you look at the periodic table, not just as a pretty set of patterns you get a sense of purpose, dependence and linking of the elements. What is noticeable are elements with 2 electrons in the outermost p sub shell. There is also a significance of in terms of financial value for the elements […]

Is the Universe Spinning?

One of the problems with the universe seems to be all the dark matter and energy that is missing in what we presume to be an ever faster expanding universe. But could it be a much simpler, that the universe is in fact spinning like a record, gravity and inertia being the main forces? Take […]

Unicorns Exist

We have for a long time been told that unicorns don’t exist and that they are an imaginary creature, so with the current state and methodology of large-scale experiments in mind we decided to investigate if this was true. Theory suggests that they do exist, we are sure of the fact, and a number of […]

Sumerian Sars

The general view by historians is that the ancient Sumerians had a list of kings that lasted 120 sars, a sar representing 3,600 years, which was supposed to be originally the orbital timing period of the planet Nibiru that the Sumerians claim to have come from. If it was orbiting our sun it would be […]

Causality & the Narrowing of a Probability path prediction using statistical occurrence

We live in a universe where causality is king. Although it is inferred that investigation of all events alter the outcome and that sub atomic particles are governed by probabilities, it doesn’t necessarily make this true. The truth is we quite often don’t have the finesse to investigate things, needing usually two orders of scale […]

The Science of Humour Analysis

Gorilla walks into a bar and orders a pint of beer. The barman serves him and asks for £5. The barman then goes on to say, “you don’t find many gorillas drinking in here”, to which the gorilla replies, “at these prices I’m not surprised.” We need to dissect this joke, as it doesn’t seem […]

The Quantification and Evaluation of Intelligence, Knowledge, Experience, Belief, Expertness, Fact and Correctness

From commenting on articles and talking to knowledgeable people I have wondered if my level of knowledge is reasonable, or good, or I am deluding myself into thinking that I know anything about anything and what I am writing or talking about. I remember receiving a reply to a comment about astronomy from a person […]

Star Mass Distributions

‘An assumption is a dangerous proposition which not only colours our views, but also our calculations’. If we take our sun and solar system as typical of mass distribution we find that the sun has about 99.86% of the mass. Due to distance the Kuiper belt is pretty much un-investigated apart from large objects, so […]

Survival of the Species

I tried for quite a while to come up with a title that encompassed my thoughts and ideas in a particular avenue of thinking about possibilities. This seems to broadly cover a lot of the areas, but isn’t exclusive to what my thought experiment consisted of. To start with we need to try to define […]

Aiki-Uirō, Blending and Coexisting with Disease

I quote and paraphrase from one of my other documents: Evolution is an on-going battle between competing effects. It’s better to think of it as survival of the fitting and the blending rather than survival of the fittest or strongest. A development that can be an absolute advantage in one setting can turn out to […]