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Problems with Covid & Vaccines

There have been a lot of mentions of the risks of doses of the various vaccines since they came out. The risks for catching and a serious illness coming from covid change with variant, immunisation levels, age, immunity levels, exposure, occupation, sex, race, precautions such as masks and hygiene, blood group, socialisation, and probably a […]

Invasive and non-Native Species

Environmentalists and Naturalists have a fixed ideology and belief system. Some things are right and some things are wrong in this system. For example, their belief on what is a correctly placed animal, and an invading and completely foreign and wrong animal that can be destroyed mercilessly. Animals spread around the world. They are being […]

Kilonova 11/12/2021 GRB211211A

Is there more dense matter in the universe than thought? A theory of a merger of two neutron stars, known as a ‘kilonova’ in 11/12/2021 seemed to produce 50 second long gamma ray burst GRB 211211A that had similar structure in length, colour and luminosity as the one, GRB170817A that coincided with arrival of gravity […]

Are viruses living creatures that respond to a change in environment?

There has been much debate on the status of viruses. Can they be considered as life forms in their own right, or just as rogue processes that plague other organisms that are regarded as life, a form of proto-life maybe? A virus can’t normally stand on its own as a complete individual and has little […]

The Problem of Long Covid

People generally are divided into two camps, those who consider the disease exists and those who don’t, but the existence is very likely and a predictable consequence from the method Covid uses to enter the body, not just being restricted to respiratory system. Covid uses the human ACE2 enzyme as its method to gain entry, […]

Replacement of Rare Earths in Wind Turbines

Recently there was a scientific discovery that Tetrataenite may be a possibility for use as a replacement for rare earths as the magnets in wind turbines, so reducing the hold China has on the production of these. It would make them cheaper and easier to produce, maybe even reducing the cost by 2/3rds. This was […]

UK and EU Car Legislation for Electrification of Vehicles

One major flaw in much of the modern legislation and control is expecting events and systems to perform perfectly, quite often demanding a set of circumstances that are not capable. Take for instance the UK’s and EU’s view on electric vehicle replacement with a deadline. UK being 2030, 8 years away and EU’s being now […]


A few interesting facts: The UK national debt means that it owes about £32,400 per person in the UK. So a family of 4 would owe about £129,600. The US national debt means that it owes about £81,000 per person in the US. So a family of 4 would owe about £324,000. Neither debt is […]

Cyphers & Monograms

The difference is that with a cypher you can take away part of it and it can still stand as information and not fall apart, whereas in a monogram the letters quite often form part of another letters structure.

The Development of Green Plants

I’ve never been a fan of things ‘just happening.’ Green plants are not really the best way to absorb the available light we currently have and utilise it in the most efficient way. The sun currently gives off more light in the yellow and green spectrum than in the red area that give green plants […]