Coronavirus Risks 13 (SARS-CoV-2)

I’ve been following the virus for 172 weeks now. Originally, I thought that it would be very limited, but that changed about 170 weeks ago, when the numbers began to rise and we found out more about it. I still have the opinion I had right at the start in January 2020 that it was […]

Pole Position and the Sun too

The strangest thing I have come across in coincidence is the development of humankind. Humans in their present for developed around 200,000 years ago. Before that we had races mainly Neanderthals and Denisovans that became absorbed into the human genome. They were around as much as 350,000 years. So, for 340,000 years of that time […]

Wandering of the Geomagnetic Pole

The geomagnetic pole is an area of the earth where the magnetic is seen to be vertical, also called the dip pole. Normally they wander about the earth near the north and south poles in a more or less haphazard way according to the molten core of the earth below us. The earth spins on […]

Updated Asteroid Table

Cars as Transport and the Move to Electric

I’ve been analysing output and production figures for electricity. There is a hell of a lot of assumption based with power. ‘Demand is the amount of energy that is required,’ being one. I did a few calculations at a specific point in time and checked the demand. This was 28GW. So, then I decided to […]

Holey Ionosphere Batman

There is recent evidence that recent space launches such as the ones by SpaceX may have punched holes in the Ionosphere, especially if rocket engines are still full active at 150-220 miles above the surface. The Ionosphere is an area of electrically charged particles that range from about 30-600 miles about the earth’s surface and […]

Man Made CO2 based Climate Change?

The problem I have is fitting the evidence together. The Keeling curve if you look at it superficially matches the level of CO2 that human production and fossil fuel use does. So, that is proof in itself that it is true. But it’s almost more of a Keeling line than a Keeling curve, it only […]

Is Science in a Constant State?

Modelling – If your assumptions are wrong and your formula is wrong you’re almost guaranteed to be wrong, but sometimes you will be right. Modelling, especially high-speed computer modelling is now the preferred option to experiment by most professionals. You can infer so much more so much faster. With a model for a true value […]

Memory, Pattern Matching and the Complexity of Stimulus

We have all had things which suddenly jog our memories and make us think of things that happen in the past. We see, hear, smell, taste and touch things that make us smile, remembering events of the past. Generally, we are an optimistic species that prefers to remember nice things rather than bad things, a […]

Calculations for Old Petrol Car Equivalences based on Totals, Including Infrastructures

Type of Vehicle Very Bad Driving Bad Driving Average Driving Good Driving Old Bicycle 20.32% 20.32% 13.5% 12.19% New Bicycle 23.46% 23.46% 15.6% 14.08% Old Petrol Car 299.98% 199.98% 100.0% 79.99% Old Diesel Car 460.45% 306.96% 153.5% 122.79% New Petrol Car 247.60% 165.07% 82.5% 66.03% New Diesel Car 340.69% 227.13% 113.6% 90.85% Hybrid Car 209.98% […]

We are Losing the Fight for Ourselves

To me, everything and everybody has a value. Even the non-working things have a value to work out why they are not working and at least an educational value, if nothing else. My life has been one of trying to work out ‘why?’ How did something get to this situation? Much of our lives are […]

Why is it that Modern Life is so Rubbish?

Why is it that Modern Life is so Rubbish? You do wonder why things are so hard for people. Probably because everything is designed as a consumable or disposable item. Mobile Phones, TV’s, computers, cars; in fact, every piece of modern equipment is designed for a short usable life. Mobile phones and computers become obsolete […]

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